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Sunday, February 2, 2014

Upcoming Presentation at SUNY Geneseo's "3Ts 2014: At the Core of Transliteracy, Technology, and Teaching" Conference

I am very excited to be presenting at SUNY Geneseo's Fourth Annual "3Ts 2014: At the Core of Transliteracy, Technology, and Teaching" Conference.

My session, "Collaborative Learning via Wikis" is 90 minutes long and is the first session in Track 4, "From Bits to Bytes: Using Technology to Encourage Collaboration".  Here's my session summary:

Summary -- In this session, participants will learn how to enable collaborative, tech-assisted, asynchronous creation of content via a wiki (Wikispaces, specifically) . They will view evidence of success of such a teaching method when used in 2012-13 with IB juniors in Hilton High School.         
  • Participants will gain access to (create an account) and add content to a wiki centered on the use of technology in education.
  • Participants will access content another participant has added and interact with it by editing it, elaborating on it, or adding supporting content such as an image.
  • Participants will learn how to hyperlink within and between pages on the wiki to demonstrate synthesis of ideas gained from several texts.
Registration is $20 for professionals and $10 for students, and a student scholarship is open until 2/10.  Hope to see you there!

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